D Munson Photo | Harmon Wedding- El Dorado Golf Course

Harmon Wedding- El Dorado Golf Course

March 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Most weddings I'm the sole photographer.  This means I'm faced with a pretty strict timeline, but for this particular wedding I was lucky to have my daughter at hand who served as a second photographer.  Although not necessary, it's always nice to have a second shooter on hand.  I enjoy shooting weddings and always feel privileged to be a part of such a beautiful and intimate day.   As well planned out as the day seems, I'm always prepared to expect the unexpected.  This day was no different.  This wedding was during daylight savings and started in the late afternoon.  Although having that second shooter helped, time was not on our side.  As the sun was quickly setting, we sped the wedding party away to get in as many shots as we could before the final sunset.  As nerve wracking as it was, we were actually able to get some really beautiful shots.  It helped that this wedding party was extremely easy and fun to work with.  

I actually met this family at a previous wedding I shot earlier in the year.  The bride was very easy going and never seemed stressed or anxious.  Her family was a lot of fun, making it easy to get those candid shots at the reception and on the dance floor.  Candid shots are my favorite.  I love capturing those intimate moments in time that are unrehearsed, natural and real... a look, a smile, a touch... a wrinkle in time that can never be recreated.  I want to thank the Harmon Family for giving allowing me to capture the beginning of their happily ever after.  


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